And so it begins

And so it begins

When the world freezes, the pulse of life remains.




Until the year begins, as it always has.

The smallest,

The daintiest,

The purest,

Before the corruption of wild growth leads to entanglement

And mass histeria.

Cool and calm with the gentlest nod of a head.


The Joys Of Winter


Winter has its benefits and sometimes an image requires some starker light and a bit of texture.

Without competition these seed heads stand out; Winter is definitely the best time to view them.

A Light Dusting


My Submission to the Kim Klassen Texture Tuesday page using her ‘oh my’ texture!

Falling Apart


Does anyone else believe that they’re not fulfilling their potential, not living up to their own expectations, finding age a serious problem or simply falling apart?

Flowers In the Window

 Light is a wonderful thing, without it you would never have imagined what it is to be blind


First Light

A Jarfull of Life

Life seemingly growing from nothing; new life bright young and colourful. Yet life can grow from decay; is not the rotting of wood the first stage in the next round of creation?